I want my Step Dad/Uncle/Grandfather in my wedding, but how?

Nowadays, our family structures are the most dynamic and varied they’ve ever been. Long gone are the days when everyone had A mom and A dad, who were still married to each other when their own children’s marriages took place. Our families are now made up of step parents, step siblings, half siblings, two moms, two dads and so many other variations. You can see how our new family dynamics have an effect on our own wedding celebrations and how we need to look at new ways to be able to accommodate ALL of the special people in our lives.

One way to include them both would be to have them both walk you down the aisle. One of our very own YI staff members actually did this on her special day between her dad and an uncle that raised her. You could also ask him to do a reading. Asking your step dad/uncle/grandfather/son to read a poem or reading at your ceremony is also a really special role that you can give to him, especially if you’re planning on having only one reading. Any step-dad would feel honored to be asked and any nervous ones would surely put their worries aside in order to do something so lovely for you. This is also a great option if you’ve planned on having your dad do a speech during dinner. You could also ask him to be a Ring Barer. Nowhere is it written down that only best men or a young child are the only ones who can deliver wedding rings. Think about it, your special person as the guardian of your ring before it is placed on your finger….how awesome is that?! If you want to ramp up the role a notch, you could include a ring presentation vow that your step dad gets to be involved with.

No matter how you do it, the special men in your life will be pleased, proud and honored to be INCLUDED in such a way on your special day.



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