What to know if you dream of a Ballroom Wedding

A ballroom wedding…it’s one of the most popular venues to date for many brides. It’s large enough to fit any vision and guest list, and everyone can cut down on travel time by staying right on the premises. But it can also be costly. Here we offer some tips when planning a ballroom wedding:

  1. You do not need to fill the room. A big mistake that couples make when planning their ballroom wedding is filling it to total capacity. The answer is not putting the maximum number of people at the tables. It not only reduces your guest count it can also help with the budget overall!
  2. Read the contract before signing! For many people it’s just a formality, but it does have a lot of important information. Also share it with other vendors. Many people don’t do this, and they get slapped with penalty fees the day after the wedding for things like leaving items behind or doing things they were not supposed to like using confetti, balloons and even candles. Not to mention all of the added fees: tax, service, rentals of specific items, etc. It pays to read your contract!
  3. Hire a professional photographer. The thing with ballrooms is that they have few windows and high ceilings. The lack of windows means that there won’t be any sunlight coming in. Find a photographer that uses off camera lighting, which takes more skill and equipment.
  4. Don’t make the dance floor too big. You want the dance floor to be large enough for everyone who wants to dance to dance, but you don’t want it to be so big that it seems empty.




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