Out Of The Ordinary Bachelor Party Ideas

A bachelor party doesn’t have to be the stereotypical as-seen-in-the-movies-and-tv night of carousing, debauchery and strippers. It can simply be a celebration of one of the most important times in a man’s life where the groom-to-be can enjoy the company of his closest friends. Below are four ideas for a tasteful bachelor party:

Professional Sporting Event Bachelor Party

Get the guys together to celebrate the groom-to-be at one of his favorite sporting team events like baseball, basketball, soccer, football or hockey. If you can swing it, rent an event suite or a box seat package for the group. If there will be drinking or a pub crawl after the game, consider renting a party bus to transport the gang safely.


Camping Weekend Bachelor Party

If the groom-to-be is into it, make it an adventure with a camping weekend. Spend the day hiking, rafting, dirt biking or participating in other fun outdoor activities with the comradery of your buddies. After a full day, spend the evening around the campfire, cooking up grub, sharing memories and telling stories. It’s a great time for male bonding out in the woods, under the stars enjoying the splendor of nature for the groom-to-be and his closest friends.


Golf Outing Bachelor Party

Golf is a very popular option with many grooms-to-be for their bachelor party outing. Get an early enough tee time to finish the first round in the afternoon and then enjoy a group lunch and drinks in the clubhouse. After lunch you can decide to play another round or just hang out at the nineteenth hole.



Brewery Tour Bachelor Party

Ahhhh, beer. If the groom-to-be is a beer aficionado or is like Homer Simpson and just likes a good ol’ trustworthy beer, try doing a brewery tour bachelor party. If you aren’t near a major label brewery such as Coors in Golden, Colorado, many major cities have microbreweries that also offer tours and tastings. You could even learn a few things about the whole beer making process while enjoying a tasty brew!


Remember, the most important thing is to throw a bachelor party that is suited to the groom-to-be’s personality and will ensure he has a good time, even if it means video games and beer or a night of hopping from spot to spot. After all, it’s his night.

Come back next month for ideas for Bachelorette Parties!




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