4 Ways To Cut Down Your Guest List

It is probably least fun part of wedding and event planning: cutting down the guest list. It can cause worry, fighting, tears and more. But it doesn’t have to be that way–simply take a deep breath and look at our tips for the easiest ways to slash your guest list without the stress.

1. Look at your budget. When it comes to how many guests you can invite, the buck really does stop with what you can afford. Taking a long, hard look at your budget can be the motivation you need to start making some cuts.

2. Make it adults only. A good way to save money is to make the wedding an adults-only affair. This will eliminate kids from the guest list, as well as those couples who will not go anywhere unless their kids are included.

3. Skip the plus ones. Single friends that aren’t engaged or at least living with a partner do not need to be invited with a guest.

4. Don’t invite out of guilt. Just because you were invited to a distant friend or family member’s wedding, that doesn’t mean you have to reciprocate. You want the people who are actually in your live at this special event, so don’t invite anyone out of guilt or obligation. If it’s really important to your parents–and they’re footing the bill–then relent. If not, then go with your gut.





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