Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas

Are you in charge of throwing a Bridal Shower for your friend? Are you a bit stressed about it all? Don’t be. Here we have a few creative ideas to get you on your way to hosting the PERFECT Bridal Shower for the bride to be:

Stock the Bar Shower- For the couple who loves to entertain, invite guests to bring barware and booze as gifts, and have a mixologist teach everyone to make specialty drinks. This could even be open to couples and both the bride and groom to be can be involved!

Cookbook Shower- If your couple loves cooking and eating (or if you know your friend can use a few pointers in the kitchen) they’ll love to add some new cookbooks and to their collection! You could also ask the guests to please bring a family favorite recipe on a recipe card along with their gift.

Around the Clock Shower-Assign each guest a specific time slot (i.e. 8 AM, 6 PM, 9 PM, etc.); they will use that time to influence their gift. For example, a guest with the 8 AM slot might bring a breakfast-themed gift basket, while a guest with the 6 PM slot might bring dishes.

A Philanthropy Shower-For the ultra-giving couple (or the couple who is just uncomfortable asking for gifts), each attendee donates money to a charity in the couple’s name and shares the info about the charity at the shower. You could also do a charity-focused activity at the shower (think: making tie-together blankets for foster kids or paper flowers for a local nursing home).

Don’t forget to breathe, have fun and take lots of photos. And don’t worry, she will love whatever you do because it comes from the heart!

shower shower1 shower2 shower3 shower4


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