Kid Friendly Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t all about busting pubs and green beer. It is the perfect time to let your little ones invite over a few friends for some holiday fun. Here we’ve got some fun ideas for St. Patrick’s Day party crafts, games and food:


Provide each child with a plain white T-shirt to decorate. Using green acrylic or spray paint and stencils, each child can make their own St. Patrick’s Day tee.


Even young preschoolers can make adorable crafts for St. Patty’s Day. With this simple project, your kids can take a smooth river rock and turn it into a kissable Blarney Stone at home. Or your little one can create a rainbow mobile complete with a pot of gold and shamrock.

stpatty1 stpatty2


Set up a Gold Coin Hunt by Hide plastic or chocolate gold coins around the house and have the kids hunt for them. The child that collects the most coins will win a special prize. Blindfold the kids and play this St. Patrick’s Day version of pin the tail on the donkey — pin the shamrock on the leprechaun. Or with the unlimited energy they poses, let them Dance a Jig! Get a CD of Irish music and (try to) teach the children how to dance a jig. Bonus points for adding some hip-hop moves for a modern-day twist.



Serve fun green foods for your St. Patrick’s Day get-together. Practically any food can be dyed green with a little food coloring. Rainbow pancakes or waffles, along with green eggs and ham are a great start to the day! If you are serving a meal, consider mini meatloaves made in cupcake or mini loaf tins. Add food coloring and chopped green onions to the meat to give it a festive look. You can also serve foods that are naturally green — guacamole, pistachios or kiwis. Green Jell-O, mint chocolate chip ice cream or these shamrock cookies made from heart shaped cookie cutters make a simple green dessert. Whatever you choose your kids will remember the holiday because you made it fun and memorable!

stpatty4 stpatty5




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