Keeping Wedding Guests Warm and Happy at a Winter Wedding

As the weather is cooler, keeping wedding guests warm can become a major worry. After all, plummeting temperatures can make it tough for your nearest and dearest to sit through a frigid ceremony or a freezing cold reception. Whether you’ve set the date for late fall, winter, or even early spring, here are a few ways to keep your guests from being chilled to the bone:

  1. Offer Warm Drinks-Nothing makes people feel cozier that a piping hot drink, so serve ’em up pre-outdoor ceremony or as a warm reception treat! You can keep it as simple as serving coffee, or kick it up a notch with a hot chocolate bar, complete with whipped cream and creative flavors. Prefer warm drinks of the alcoholic variety? Spiked cider, mulled wine, and boozy cocoa are crowd favorites!
  2. Rent Heaters-One of the greatest inventions for outdoor events! Very economical (when you think about the tradeoff of having freezing guests who want to leave early) and they come decorative now.
  3. Offer Blankets-A basket full of fleece blankets, pashminas, or even simple gloves or mittens can do wonders for keeping guests nice and toasty. You could also have a stash of individual hand warmers—guests will love you for it!
  4. Serve a Warm Dessert-Wedding cake is a classic, but nobody says you have to stick to just cake. Why not add a hot apple crisp, chocolate fondue, or warm bread pudding to your menu?
  5.  Make soup a part of your menu-Most wedding menus include a salad, main course, and dessert, but imagine how much more cozy the meal would feel with a warm cup of soup! Either add an extra course or serve soup instead of the salad. Another option? Serve comfort food like a hearty stew or have a soup bar.


winterwedding1 Winterwedding2   Winterwedding3  Winterwedding4  Winterwedding5




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