Is having a brunch the day after the wedding a THING now?

Hosting a day after bunch? Although it isn’t a necessity, most couples see it as a way to be able to gather your closest family and friends for a final farewell before they head out of town. And this is a great time to relive memories and fill others in on happenings from the night before! Brunches are often held either at the hotel where the majority of guests are staying or at the wedding reception venue. Usually the guest list consists of family, wedding party, and out-of-towners who have traveled in for the weekend’s events. Depending on travel plans, the bride and groom may make an appearance before they are honeymoon-bound. If the wedding budget does not allow for a day-after meal, consider inviting your guests to a no-host brunch where you’ve reserved space at a restaurant for everyone to gather and eat together. TIP: consider reusing the flowers from the wedding as décor! Certainly brunch the morning after doesn’t need to be “a thing”, but if it’s something that fits into your schedule and budget, it can be a really sweet wind-down to a wedding weekend.




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