Winter Fun Ideas with the Kids

Snack Bags -Being stuck in the house during holiday break with the kids can really work up an appetite. Here are a couple of ideas! Have kids make their own snack bags to enjoy throughout the day. You can let them fill the bags with their choice of food or fun trinkets, then close the bags and mix the order up. Every time they open one it’ll be exciting to them as they helped create the bags. You can do this in hourly increments or longer so they have a surprise every hour and to give them something to look forward to.

Indoor Picnic-Who doesn’t love an indoor picnic? Half the fun of having an indoor picnic is making the food. Kids will love to plan the menu, make and pack the food. Perhaps try and find a small basket where you can store the food, cutlery, plates and cups ready for the perfect picnic if you don’t have a basket.

Camping Party-How many times do you kiddos ask to bust out the camping gear throughout the year? New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to throw a camping party. Guests can gather in their jammies and ring in the New Year from their sleeping bags, from a tent pitched on the living room floor or build that dream blanket fort. If your fireplace is already going, this is the perfect time to make those S’mores you haven’t had in months!

Winter Pool Party-Is it your tradition or will you be away from home for the New Year? Throw a New Year’s bash in a hotel where kids can enjoy a pool party, followed by a night of hotel room fun that includes things like room service, movies and microwave popcorn.


Winterkids   Winterkids2 (2)

Winterkids3 Winterkids4



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