Winter Wedding VS Summer Wedding

Decisions, decisions. Part of you likes the idea of having a wedding in summer, on a beautifully warm day with a lovely light evening to enjoy. On the other hand, a proper white wedding that looks like a Christmas card, with a church in the snow, Christmas trees and candlelight would be lovely too! One word of warning from us though: don’t plan on the weather whatever season you’re marrying in. There’s nothing to say you won’t have a chilly, windy and wet day in June and of course there’s no guarantee of snow in December – it may just be cold and dark.


Summer is still the most popular time of year to get married. The days are hot, longer, and your wedding guests are ready to have a good time. Almost every variety of flower is in season so your bouquet options are practically endless. When we think of summer, we imagine rooftop patios, an acoustic guitar serenade and flowers everywhere. PROS & CONS: The chance of rain spoiling your big day is minimal, but long, outdoor ceremonies can leave your guests hot, sweaty and restless. If you’re planning your ceremony outside then consider giving parasols or hand held fans out to your guests. Although Summer weddings can be costly (because it’s peak wedding season) most venues and wedding vendors up their fees. TIP- into a Friday or Sunday to save you some money! Here are some images of YI Summer KC weddings.


summerwedding summerwedding2 summerwedding3 summerwedding4 summerwedding5


Winter weddings can be so romantic, and even a little magical. With merry Christmas spirit all around you, you can have one of the most romantic, most joyful weddings than any other time of the year. There is no rule that states winter wedding must have or include a Christmas theme, so you can make it a Christmas-y event, or not, it’s absolutely up to you. PROS & CONS: Typically, winter is the wedding off-season, which means many venues will give discounted rates to fill the holes in their schedules. You could have more guests able to attend if you plan your wedding around the holidays because most people take time off then anyway. TIP- Flowers tend to last the longest in the colder winter temperatures so your bouquets and floral arrangements will keep their form throughout the day. Here are some images of YI Winter KC weddings.

60-2 Winter Winter1 Winter2 winterwedding


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