Celebrating the New Year–Family Style

Remember how you couldn’t wait to until you grew older so you could stay up until midnight? This New Year’s Eve party blog is all about ringing in the good times and creating great memories with the kiddos. Here are some fun ideas to keep the kiddos going until the stoke of midnight:

Minute to Win It Games-There are various quick and fun games that can be played throughout the night. When the kids start screaming “I’m bored”, get to playing! For example with Face The Cookie, simply place a cookie on the player’s forehead.  Using only your facial muscles, move the cookie to your mouth.  This one will bring on lots of laughs!

Countdown Punch Out Board-As the clock strikes each hour heading towards midnight, get someone to pick a hole to punch. In each of the punch out holes, put a slip of paper describing an exciting minute to win it game, a board game to play, craft or small toy/trinket to keep them entertained until the next hour.

Fun Toasting Drinks-It is always good to have a bottle of the Welch’s sparking grape juice on hand for the kids to toast with. Or step it up a notch with champagne flute floats! No matter what you do, your kids will always have these fun memories of helping you celebrate the New Year.

Balloon Drop-Maybe you can’t have a ball drop in your own home, but you can have a bunch of balloons drop as you ring in the New Year. You can use a balloon drop kit, or make your own by filling some netting or a plastic tablecloth with inflated balloons (don’t use helium to inflate). Tape the balloon-filled net to the ceiling in the party room and release them when you reach the end of the midnight countdown.

Balloon Wishes-Another fun idea using balloons is to have each child write a resolution, wish or goal for the New Year on a piece of paper. Have them each fold their paper and place it inside an LED balloon, then fill the balloons with helium, tie them with ribbon and help the kids release them outside as the clock strikes 12.

No matter what you do, your kids will always have these fun memories of helping you celebrate the New Year.

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