Tips for Classy, Frugal Holiday Fun

The key is to remember that making a big impact doesn’t require a huge amount of money. It’s all about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary — simple food plus big visual impact makes a party to remember that won’t break the bank

Forget the big meal-host a brunch, dessert or cocktail party. For a cocktail party, offer a holiday punch or signature drink to control the costs of buying different types of liquor. Browse the Web for interesting holiday drink ideas — such as candy cane martinis. If a New Year’s Eve party calls for champagne, opt for a champagne cocktail instead. Put a few fresh pomegranate seeds in a champagne flute followed by pomegranate juice. Then, fill with champagne.

Ditch the paper plates-Party hosts often find it easier to use paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery. But they also can cheapen the occasion and — ironically — add to your costs. Instead, break out the real stuff: Gather all your plates and flatware. They don’t need to match!

Decorate with natural elements-Don’t buy expensive holiday decorations for a party when there are plenty of free raw materials laying around your home. Take real fruit (apples, oranges, pears), nuts or even pinecones and spray-paint them for centerpieces. There are many things in your home (think about all those old ornaments sitting on storage) can be transformed into something that is suitable for holiday decorations.

Scents of the season-Good quality scented candles can be expensive, create your own winter fragrance with fruit (cranberries, lemons), spices (cinnamon, cloves) and foliage (pine, lavender, pine cones) of the season.

Don’t forget to offer warm drinks-There’s nothing cozier than a hot drink in winter time. Provide your guests with scrummy hot drinks, either alcoholic like mulled wine, Irish Coffees, or hot chocolates with whipped cream. Treat your guests to a personalized mug party favor so they can remember you every time they make a cuppa.


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