Making your kids’ holiday table FUN!

We all know about the “kids tables” that will be in full force this holiday season. For most families, it is a common tradition. Here are some tricks to make it a bit more fun for your little ones:

Use Paper as the Tablecloth-This is one of the easiest ways to protect your table while also entertaining the kids. Use paper as a cover, taping the ends down to the underside with blue painter’s tape. The brown paper actually looks great with seasonal décor. On this fun sample the kiddos can mark off the food they’ve eaten…awesome way to create a happy plate!

Crayon Centerpiece-Going with a rustic autumn theme, pick out mason jars and fill them with colorful crayons or if you have time, one of these fun paper cup pilgrim hats. These collections of coloring utensils are beautiful and bright, but also serve as entertainment. Your children will be able to pick out a color and draw directly on the brown paper tablecloth!

Turkey Nameplates-We love the idea of giving the kids even more reasons to be creative. Having place cards for the kids is a great way for them to practice identifying their names or if there are old enough express what they are thankful for– and also gives them another place to draw!

Kid friendly menu-we know you don’t need extra work but have a few items that you KNOW the kids will eat with no battles. For instance have: mac and cheese, turkey nuggets, mashed potatoes and some sparkling apple juice ready for their table. Have super picky eaters? Go for the tride and true Snoopy Thanksgiving day menu: Toast and Popcorn!


kids table  kids table 2kids table3  kids table4


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