Classic 50’s style wedding-July 2015

When Stephanie and Cindy came to me to start planning Stephanie’s July 2015 wedding to Chris, not only did I click with them immediately, but I feel in love with their concept:  a classic 1950s style wedding with vibrant coral and navy as their color scheme.  The key driving force behind this theme was that Stephanie was going to wear her grandmother’s dress.  You know, the cute classic knee length style lace gown?  Everything was based on this vibe…the veil, the selected cocktails (Old Fashioned and Daiquiri on the Rocks), the vintage Cadillac from Pech Limo, the simplistic vibe of the reception (with the exception of the incredible flowers by Heather at Botanica which blew me away!).  Cake was created by Hy-vee and stationery pieces were designed by our own Jamie with Noteable Designs.  Ceremony was held at St. Ann’s in Prairie Village and the reception was held upstairs at Lydia’s.

A big shout out to Jill at DiMartino Photography for the images.   Oh, and stay tuned for images from the wedding of Stephanie’s brother Daniel to Kristen in October.  Coming soon!


The inspiration


The dress and the couple

SC100 SC278

The details

SC119 SC231SC297SC122SC372

SC298   SC303 SC309




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