How to keep kiddos busy at your reception.

Will you have kids at your reception and not sure how to keep them entertained late into the night? Try come of these entertaining ideas: Movie Room-set up a movie room with a ‘midnight feast’ (just not at midnight!). Get the kids into their pajamas and create a cozy area with lots of cushions and you’ll be sure not to hear a peep from them until bedtime; Face Painter-They can be set up in the corner discreetly and you can give the children a number to avoid them waiting in line; Craft Corner-pick crafts that will take them a while, such as T-shirt decorating or treasure box making. Make sure you have responsible adults to oversee the activities, especially if there are scissors involved; Little Helpers-give them a job! Go with disposable cameras and ask them to capture memories of the night. We are sure you will have a ball later going through all the photos.




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