Big Smiles, Big Flowers, Lots of Gold at the Cider Gallery

Rachel & Daniel’s wedding was another one of those which I had worked with this group of family/friends before and the connection is so extensive I have to explain how I ended up working with them.  First, I met Rachel at Amy and Mike’s wedding reception in 2013 (Mike is the brother in law of Rachel’s sister; theirs was my first of many wedding so far at the Cider Gallery in Lawrence).  We bonded immediately (I helped her fix her dress, because I don’t just take care of the bride and groom on the wedding day, but the guests too!).  She told me then and there that I would be helping with her wedding…when the proposal came 🙂  Then I did Monica’s wedding and met Daniel at the reception (sister of Mike, sister in law of Rachel’s sister) and Jenna’s wedding (sister of Rachel’s bridesmaid Becca).  That’s 3 weddings so far, right?  Come to find out that Rachel’s dad works for a family which I’ve done 5 weddings for since 2003, so we are up to 8.  Add in Daniel’s cousin Bryce and his wife Abby for whom I did day of coordination for in 2010 (I had no idea they were a part of the mix until I saw them at the reception) and we are at 9.  Add Rachel/Daniel and bridesmaid Becca’s 2016 wedding and now we are at 11.  Wow!

Onto the details!  It was such a great day.  Ceremony was held at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrence.  Rachel had this huge smile on her face all day long, which is totally Rachel!  Everything was white, black, gold and sparkly (even the programs by Jamie with Noteable Designs were sparkling with gold).  Rachel and I sat down in the fall to outline how to pull off the style of this gorgeous event.  On the head table, we used our gold chargers for the head table and two large floral arrangements from Erin Volante, plus white lanterns over the dance floor to really set off the room when guests arrived (I have said it before and I will say it again:  head tables make such a statement when done right!).  When the bridal party arrived, the entire reception participated in the Wedding March in the courtyard at the Cider Gallery (my 2nd time ever to see this at a wedding, the first time at Monica’s).   Adorable and understated, yet classic style cake by Freckled Face Cakes, sparkly linens and runners from Ultrapom.  So much dancing, so much happiness!  Such a wonderful wedding!

Congrats again to Rachel & Daniel Green!  –Kim

Images courtesy of Tyler at Wirken Photography.


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